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Missing Person Report

Family/Close Friends:

This form is intended to be completed by family or those with personal knowledge of the missing person. Although we make every effort to assist families and loved ones of those that are missing, not every reported case may meet the search criteria. If you have been asked to complete this form, please fill it out as fully and accurately as possible.

Our Vision

If you are a law enforcement officer seeking to request a search for a missing person, please contact Texas EquuSearch directly at 281.309.9500. Calls are answered 24/7 and you need not complete this form.


Texas EquuSearch can only review a missing person case if it has been filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency, a case number has been assigned, and law enforcement has given their consent for our organization to become involved.

Complete the online form below, or, download the Microsoft Word version of the form, fill it out, and email it, along with a current photo of the missing person, to MISSING@TXEQ.ORG.