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Texas EquuSearch has assisted in thousands of cases throughout the US and abroad, giving some form of resolution to distraught families and closure to many criminal cases.

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At the request of the victims’ families and the victims who no longer have their own voice, you are asked to consider writing to the parole board to request that convicted offender CLYDE EDWIN HEDRICK (SID #: 03214600 – TDCJ #: 01916500) is NOT released from supervision and GPS monitoring.

CLYDE EDWIN HEDRICK is an alleged serial killer and believed to have raped and murdered Laura Miller, Heide Fye Villareal, Audrey Cook, Donna Prudhomme and COUNTLESS other girls and women.

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About TXEQ

Texas EquuSearch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with financial support from personal and private donations. Texas EquuSearch never charges a family or law enforcement entity for their services. Headquartered near Houston, Texas, resources have evolved far beyond the original horse mounted searches.

Today, searches include the use of ground searchers, side scan sonar, ground penetrating radar, boats, aircrafts, drones, and ATVs. Many law enforcement agencies across the United States call on the resources of the organization’s highly skilled searchers to assist in their lost, missing or murder victim cases.

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The Work Of Texas Equusearch
Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Laura Miller.

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