MISSING: Asontie Perrino, 29 Yrs. and Tyree Simcik, 4 Yrs., Columbus, TX, 08/21/06

Asontie Perrino, age 29, and her son, Tyree Simcik, age 4, were last seen leaving the Columbus Inn Hotel, 2208 S Hwy 71, in Columbus, TX on Monday, August 21st, 2006, at 11:00 a.m. in her 1997, Black Ford Explorer, Texas License Plate #Z35GGY.  Ms. Perrino started showing signs of mental illness 3 weeks prior to her disappearance, and is in a delusional state of mind believing she is God.  She recently took Tyree to the river to baptize and cleanse him of sin.  Her behavior is out of character and she may be suicidal.  Both mother and son are feared to be in danger.  Asontie was last seen wearing a dark blue t-shirt and blue jeans.  Tyree was last seen wearing a green & gray striped shirt, tan shorts, and white tennis shoes with no socks.

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