FOUND DECEASED: Christy Goodman, 21 Yrs., Orange Co., TX, 05/01/03

Christy was speaking with her boyfriend on the phone at around 11:00 p.m. when two male subjects knocked on the door asking to use the phone due to car trouble. Christy told her boyfriend that she would call him back and allowed them to use the phone. Christy called her boyfriend back and then the two male subjects showed up a second time to use the phone again. Christy again told her boyfriend she would call him back. Christy has not been heard from since. Her 1999 black mustang convertible with tan top and Texas License Plates “K22FXX” is also missing. Her cell phone and all her jewelry were left at her residence. The telephone and answering machine are missing and the cord appears to have been ripped out of the jack.

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