FOUND DECEASED: Lettie Fisher, 79 Yrs. and John M. Fisher, Jr., 31 Yrs., Woodville, TX

09/2012 — We are sad to report the remains of Lettie and John Fisher were discovered, and have been positively identified. Please keep their family and loved ones in your prayers,

09/24/11 — We have an immediate search for a 79 year-old woman and her 31 year old son who is mentally and physically handicapped — he has a prostetic leg. The address to report is 1376 Magnolia Ridge Park, Woodville, TX. 75979. Your contact person is Scott Duckworth, and he can be reached at 409-48-9-6679.  We need foot searchers and ATVs.   The Search Coordinator will be Ron Overman.

To see news coverage of this case, follow link below.

Lettie Fisher, age 79, is 5’5″, 175 lbs., and was last seen wearing slacks and rubber boots eyes brown, grey hair  brown shoulder length wig. John M. Fisher Jr,  age 31, is 5’7″, and weighs 300 lbs. He has a prosthetic left leg (above the knee), brown eyes, short black hair, and was last seen wearing blue jeans and grey rubber boots, size 11. Both require medications.