FOUND DECEASED: Jayden Alexander Lopez, Formerly the Unidentified Child, n/k/a “Little Jacob,” Approximately 3-5 Yrs., Found in Galveston, TX (10/20/17)

06/20/18 — A press conference was held today, releasing the identity of the formerly unidentified child, a/k/a “Little Jacob.” He was Jayden Alexander Lopez, and two arrests have been made for tampering with evidence — his mother and her girlfriend. They are both in the Galveston County Jail at this time. We will update this post with any updates.

10/23/17 — A young child resembling the one in the above sketch was found deceased on a Galveston, Texas beach on October 20th 2017. The child is a male … and is estimated to be between 3 – 5 years-old, possibly Hispanic, about 3’ tall, and weighing about 30 lbs. The child could be missing from any town or community, any county/parish or any state in the country. If you have any information whatsoever concerning the child’s identity, or if you know of the unexplained disappearance of any missing boy that resembles the one in the above sketch; please call the Galveston Police Department at (409) 765-3702, the FBI at (409) 935-7327 or call Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.$10000-for-info-about-little-jacob/2608798/

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