FOUND DECEASED: Tommy Moore, 68 Yrs., Plainfield, IN, 2011

11/14/11 — At the request of Bartow County Fire and E.M.A., Dennis and Tammy Watters of Team Watters, Texas EquuSearch’s sonar experts, traveled to Lake Altona in Georgia to assist in the recovery of Tommy Moore, age 68, from Plainfield, IN.  Mr. Moore fell off of boat dock into 90′ of water. Bartow County Fire and E.M.A. searched for three weeks with no success in locating his body. Dennis and Tammy Watters arrived at the lake late Wednesday afternoon.  They began their search and located a suspicious image with their Hummingbird on the first pass. After looking at the image, they deployed the Marine Sonic and confirmed that the image was Mr. Moore.  He was suspended under the floating marina store. Team Watters then suspended the search due to the time of day, returned on Thursday morning and verified the image was still there.  They were then assisted by Craig Thorngren of Submerged Recovery and Inspection Services out of Arlington, VA.  Due to the location of our target, he deployed his Video ROV and made visual verification that the target was Mr. Moore.  Craig then maintained visual contact with Mr. Moore until the divers arrived to recover his body.