FOUND DECEASED: Dunlap, Dallas – Stoneville, NC, 10/18/08

Dallas Dunlap, age 76, was last seen on October 18th, in his home at Brown Street, Stoneville, North Carolina. He is in the first stages of Alzhiemers and is believed to have gotten lost walking out of his home. He was last seen wearing a red flannel pajama set, white baseball cap with Vince Gill on it and grey sweat pants over the red flannel pajama bottoms.

10/23/2008 – Our stay in North Carolina has been extended. TES was contacted by Stoneville Police Chief, Mike James, and was requested to help in the search for a missing Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Dallas “Red” Dunlap, 76 yrs old. His information can be found below.

TES received word that Dallas “Red” Dunlap has been found, unfortunately, deceased. Our hearts and prayers are with him, his family and friends in this hard time. Funeral arrangements are to follow.