Baby Grace Memorial – November 2007

Video by “shanabanana”
Tim Miller, Director of Texas Equusearch, helped to organize Sunday afternoon’s memorial service. Several dozen people gathered among television cameras to grieve for a little girl who, in life, not a single one of them even knew.

“Our absolutely singular focus right now is ‘who is Baby Grace?’,” says Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo, at the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department. “Everything else after that point is pretty secondary right now. Our singular focus right now is who she is, and let’s put her back with her family.”

“Whenever we’re doing a search, we always do something, whether it’s a candlelight vigil or a memorial. We didn’t feel Baby Grace’s story needed to be any different,” Miller says.

Within about a half-hour, the crowd dissipated, but a few would walk down the dock in back of the bait and tackle shop and board motor boats to transport the flower-draped wooden cross to the small, unnamed island where Baby Grace’s remains were found. For the investigators who found the toddler’s remains crammed in the plastic storage box on that island, returning to the island brought back painful memories.

“Being in a box on a little island three or four miles from here is no place for Baby Grace to have ended her life,” says Tuttoilmondo.