Update: Owen Castle, 12/11/09

12/15/09 — Last Friday, December 11, 2009, Owen Castle, his dad Cory and his grandma, Lisa Mills, came to Dickinson for a visit. We want to share a few pictures to show how well our little miracle child is doing.

[fshow photosetid=”72157623012725902″]

As you may recall, two-year old Owen Castle went missing in the late afternoon of February 3, 2009, from his front yard in Llano, Texas. Owen and his mother were staying in a cabin on a remote ranch in the Llano area. After searching for several hours, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office called Texas EquuSearch to assist in the search effort.

Tim Miller and a small group departed Dickinson, TX around midnight for the 270 mile trip in our mobile command center. Arriving early in the morning, Tim met with local law enforcement to establish a search strategy. Time was of the essence as little Owen was not dressed for the weather which had dropped to 27 degrees overnight.

At 9:00 a.m., a DPS helicopter pilot spotted Owen, laying face down in the dirt, more than a mile from his home. Tim, TES volunteers and law enforcement officials made a mad dash to him, over rocky terrain for nearly a mile. They scaled a barbed wire game fence, several feet high, which Owen had managed to get through. When they reached him, the sheriff picked him up and Tim felt for his pulse. He felt none at first. Every effort was made to warm Owen’s little body — Lisa Hoffman put her warm gloves on Owen’s cold feet.  After a few minutes, Owen made a small crying noise.

Owen has made a full recovery, and as you can see from the pictures above, he had a great time in Houston.