The Facts about Texas Equusearch vs. Casey Anthony Lawsuit

main-logo2-793x1024Texas Equusearch is dedicated to finding missing persons.

With regards to the Casey Anthony lawsuit, Texas Equusearch agreed to an unsecured settlement of $75,000. This unsecured settlement means that Ms. Anthony may elect to pay all or some of this amount but is under no obligation pay anything. Texas Equusearch does not foresee ever receiving any funds from Ms. Anthony.

The focus of Texas Equusearch is not to continue this fight but to continue its search for missing  individuals and bring them home to their families.  Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller explained,  “Over $120,000 was spent by Texas Equusearch during the search for Caylee Anthony.  This money could have been used for other families with loved ones who are TRULY missing.”

To report a missing person please visit:

For additional information please contact the Texas Equusearch office at (281) 309-9500.