Texas EquuSearch’s State-of-the-Art Marine Sonic Sonar Unit

11/03/11 — While working with law enforcement in an undisclosed location, Team Watters, our sonar experts, located a car with remains inside using the Texas EquuSearch Marine Sonic Sonar System. The remains have been identified, and the person has been missing since 2008. The location of the find will remain undisclosed to protect the investigation of the case that Team Watters were originally brought in to assist with.  Additionally, while on this search, they located a drowning victim for the Texas Parks and Wild Life using the Marine Sonic unit.

On another search, Team Watters was brought in to locate a safe in an undisclosed location, and recovered the safe in 65 to 70 feet of water using the Marine Sonic unit (see photo below). The safe is a key piece of evidence, and will result in the suspect being charged in the crime.  The investigator advised Team Watters that they just put the suspect in jail with the recovery.