Crime Catch Filming 2009

On January 19, 2009, filming took place at our Dickinson, TX office for the TV show “Crime Catch”.   We were proud to have approximately 50 of our volunteers show up for the filming of the show.  Members showed up with their ATV’s and horses to participate.  We were also delighted to be able to demonstrate some of our  search technology tools.

As always, work went on, even during the filming. The phone rang, visitors came by, and people unfortunately still went missing.  Our volunteers always manage to keep things going, no matter what is going on around them.  As you can see here, work didn’t stop for Tim.  Filming will continue tomorrow at a variety of locations, with multiple interviews scheduled to take place.

We will announce the air date of the program here on our website, as soon as it is announced. Please keep tuned, and make sure to mark your calendars to catch this exciting episode of  “Crime Catch”. Thank you to the film crew and all of our dedicated volunteers for participating in today’s efforts.

Below, our team poses with Tim and host Maricela Hernandez.

all photos credit of Linda Unger