CNN Special on Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch

On March 20-21, 2011, Mike Brooks of CNN’s In Session and Headline News traveled to Dickinson, TX to conduct an extensive interview with Tim Miller and some of the Texas EquuSearch volunteers. The story is three part — (i) Tim Miller’s story concerning the death of his daughter Laura, (ii) the inception of Texas EquuSearch — how we operate, and (iii) Texas EquuSearch’s involvement in the search for Caylee Anthony. These stories will start airing just prior to the Casey Anthony trial, which is scheduled to begin in early May. In Session will be covering this trial gavel-to-gavel. Tim Miller is expected to make live appearances on this show during the course of the trial. We have compilied a short slide show of the time that CNN was here. Please see below.

[fshow photosetid=”72157626261732755″]