About the Kiwanis Club of Houston

In fulfilling the Kiwanis mission “To serve the children of the world,” the Kiwanis Club of Houston offers you the chance to be a part of a global organization with more than 15,000 clubs worldwide. Kiwanis provides opportunities for you to participate in many fulfilling ways:

  • Leadership Development and Education Training “Are You the One?” Kiwanis Membership Development Events
  • Fellowship Activities (meetings, networking events, social outings
  • Local Service Programs and Charity Events (hands-on work out in the community)
  • Fund-Raisers (events organized primarily to raise funds for charity or club projects)

The name ‘Kiwanis’ was coined from a Native American expression ‘Nunc Kee-wanis’ meaning ‘we trade’ or ‘we share our talents.’ The Kiwanis Club of Houston has always been a service organization devoted to the Houston community, especially the needs of children for education, sustenance, medical attention, rehabilitation and encouragement.

Bayou Club
8550 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024
(713) 686-5206

Near Washington Avenue and Memorial Park and Central Houston

For a downloadable map, click here.

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