Search for Still-Missing Boys

Today is the anniversary of probably the most shocking time in Houston’s past. On August 8th 1973, sadistic serial killer Dean Corll was killed at his home in Pasadena, Texas. It was soon learned by Pasadena Police Department investigators that Corll and his two accomplices, David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley were directly responsible for the heartless, merciless murders of at least 28 young boys in the Houston area, and other locations along the Texas gulf coast. And it was actually Dean Corll’s trusted partner in the vicious, cold-blooded, unthinkable murders; Elmer Wayne Henley that killed Corll. 

As police investigators unraveled the details on the young boy’s murders; the world was shocked, and stood frozen, and stunned in disbelief that such a large number of young kids could be the victims of the despicable and hideous sting of unspeakable murders.

Dean Corll, a closeted homosexual orchestrated the monstrous, uncivilized, excruciatingly painful torture deaths of the young boys. Henley killed Corll after shooting him multiple times with a .22 caliber pistol during a violent fight between the two in the hallway of Corll’s Pasadena home on August 8th 1973. Henley and Brooks went to trial for their part in the murders of the young boys. David Owen Brooks died on May 28th 2020 at a Galveston hospital while being treated for the COVID-19 Virus. Brooks had been serving a 99 year (life) sentence for his part in the killings. Henley is currently serving six 99 year (life) sentences for his part in the torture murders.

The young victims died trying to live their lives as a kid, and they innocently accepted the false friendship offers of a killer with underhanded motives. And it cost them their lives. They did nothing whatsoever that could ever justify anyone torturing and killing them. There is no excuse for the rabid betrayal of the boys.

Texas EquuSearch, much of the public, and several law enforcements investigators has for a long time have believed that there is a significant number of the young victims that haven’t yet been found. Elmer Wayne Henley has even said there are more out there. They actually killed so many … that the heartless predators couldn’t remember exactly where they put the victims. And technology has greatly advanced since it became known that the men killed so many kids. Fast forward to today. There is now a very successful tool available to us today – that the detectives didn’t have in 1973. And we plan to use that tool very soon to locate the other young boys that we believe Corll, Brooks and Henley murdered, and are still buried out there unfound. Earth Measurement Corporation will be using a sophisticated piece of technology called Ground Penetration Radar to help Texas EquuSearch locate the still-missing boys.

We have been researching the murders very intensely over the last few months, and we believe there is a good probability that we can find, and recover some of the still-missing boys. We will soon be working with investigators from the Pasadena Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to find more of those young boy’s human remains. The boys need to be found, and given the respectful, descent funeral they deserve.

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