UPDATE: Samuel Olson – Houston, Texas (5/27/21)

UPDATE: Our hearts are deeply wounded to learn that the young boy’s body that was found cold-heartedly stuffed-away in a storage box in a Jasper, Texas motel room – has been positively identified as that of 5-year-old Samuel Olson. Medical professionals have ruled his death as a homicide. It’s obvious that Samuel suffered great pain, and there is nothing that he could have done to excuse the monstrous, uncivilized, vicious brutality that he endured. There is no conceivable, believable, acceptable or justifiable excuse for any adult to take the life of any child, especially that of an innocent, fun-loving 5-year-old. Our society is supposed to be more civilized, but this cruel murder of young Samuel is much like you would see in some un-domesticated foreign country … but not our country. What kind of bizarre excuses will the offender(s) claim in order to defend their cold-blooded, heartless actions?

We pray that God wraps his arms around Samuel’s family, his little friends, and all of those who sincerely loved Samuel, and will miss him so immensely. We also ask that you keep the Houston Police Department investigators, and the Texas EquuSearch members in your thoughts and prayers for putting forth their most exhausting efforts to find Samuel, while putting aside their own emotions and feelings in their tremendous efforts to find him. We know that Samuel is playing with his toy dinosaurs as he rides on the wings of an angel in Heaven.

UPDATE: The active and emotional search for 6-year-old Samuel Olson is now over. The body of a young child that had been found hidden away in a motel room in Jasper, Texas is thought to be that of little Samuel; but positive identification, and the cause of the young boy’s death must still be confirmed by medical authorities and law enforcement investigators. We ask that everyone please keep Samuel’s family, his little schoolmates & teachers, and all of those who TRULY love Samuel in your thoughts and prayers during this unbelievably tragic time.   

Original Post: 5 year-old Samuel Olson was taken by an unknown male from a southwest Houston home in the 8800 block of McAvoy Dr. at about 7:30 a.m. on May 27th 2021. Samuel was wearing a gray t-shirt with a red Kool-Aid man on the front of his shirt, jean shorts, and white “Buzz Lightyear” tennis shoes. Samuel was also wearing two mis-matched superhero socks. Samuel has golden-brown hair, but he also has a patch of white hair on the back / right of his head. He is missing two of his bottom teeth, and he has a crease (or pointed area) on the top of his left ear. If you have seen Samuel Olson since his reported disappearance, if you know of his current whereabouts, or if you have any information whatsoever concerning Samuel’s disappearance; please call the Houston Police Department at (832) 394-1840 – or call Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

Name:Samuel Olson
Date Missing:May 27th 2021
Missing From:Houston, Texas
DOB:May 29th 2015
Age:5 Years-Old
Hair Color:Golden Brown (wavy)
Height:3’ 9”
Weight:About 50 lbs.
Eye Color:Blue
Facial Hair:N / A
Police/Sheriff:Houston Police Department
Officer/Deputy Name:Det. King
Officer’s Phone #:(832) 394-1840
Officer’s Case #:# 0708852-21
TES Case #:# 21-2246