FOUND DECEASED: Puneet Nehra – Ft. Bend County, TX (5/3/2015)

Puneet NehraThe search for 43 year-old Puneet Nehra is now over. Texas EquuSearch members Tim Miller, Gary Chinnis, Paulie Kovach and Mike Joy located a body this afternoon, that is thought to be that of Puneet. However, positive identification must still be confirmed by medical authorities and law enforcement investigators. The body recovered this afternoon was found approximately 60 miles south (as the river flows) of where Puneet disappeared last Sunday night.

We want to thank all of the Texas EquuSearch members that came out to search for Puneet after he disappeared. We want to say a special thank you to Search Coordinator Jack Boggess for his professionalism and diligent handling of this sensitive case.

We also say a big thank you to the professional divers from Legacy Offshore International that dove into the deep, treacherous waters to blindly hand-search for Puneet. But our thanks to everyone wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t say a special thank you to the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Department for their diligence, professionalism, compassion and persistence to find Puneet. The unwavering determination of everyone involved is what brought an end to a very risky and exhausting search.

Thank you all for what you do.

43 year-old Puneet Nehra was last seen in Ft. Bend County, Texas on May 3rd 2015. Puneet was being a good Samaritan, and had stopped on a bridge over the Brazos River to assist a motorist in a stalled vehicle. He had to suddenly dive into the treacherous waters below to avoid being hit by an oncoming, out of control vehicle. Puneet has not been seen since going into the swift waters. Puneet Nehra was wearing a white Polo shirt with red & blue stripes, blue jeans and green-colored “New Balance” sneakers. If you have seen Puneet Nehra since his disappearance, if you know of his current whereabouts, or if you have any information concerning his disappearance; please contact the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Office at (281) 341-4704 – or call Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

Download:  Puneet Nehra Flyer