LOCATED: Damion Davidson – Duncan, Oklahoma (6/12/16)

UPDATE:The search for 8 year-old Damion Davidson is now over. A body believed to be his has been recovered though positive identification must still be made by medical authorities.

We’d like to acknowledge the amazing efforts of the Duncan City and Stephens County community for helping bring the Davidson family closure. Please keep the family and community in your prayers.

From the Duncan Police Dept: “After 14 days the search for Damion Alexander Davidson is finally over. At approximately 9:30 this morning searchers discovered what we believe is his body. However positive identification will be made by the state.

We appreciate the countless hours of searching that was put in from the emergency response Personnel, as well as the hundreds of citizens who came together and formed their own search teams. Thank you Duncan and Stephens County for your thoughts, prayers, and donations not one went unnoticed. These last two weeks have been very trying, but you all came together as one. You became our Pillar of Strength and we are sincerely grateful. At this time we ask that you lift up the Davidson family in prayer and please respect their privacy.”

UPDATE: The active search for little 8 year-old Damion Davidson, a non-speaking Autistic child, will begin in Duncan, Oklahoma on Saturday – June 25th 2016 at 7:00 a.m. Please be there on time if possible. The search staging area will be located at the Duncan Police Department Headquarters & Command Post in the 3000 block of S. 13th St. in Duncan, Oklahoma 73533. We will be in need of searchers on foot and ATVs. Any member not having transportation to and from the search can contact Tim Miller for transportation. Your Search Coordinator is Tim Miller, and he can provide you with any further details. Tim’s phone number is (281) 960-6183. We hope to see you there, so we can find little Damion, and bring him home to his devastated family.

UPDATE: 8 year-old Damion Davidson disappeared after apparently being swept away in torrential floodwaters in Duncan, Oklahoma on June 12th 2016. Poor little Damion suffers from severe Autism and can’t talk, and he never had the opportunity to scream for help. The Duncan Police Department has requested our help and experience to find Damion, and Tim Miller will begin a search for Damion on Saturday –June 25th 2016. We are going to be in need of searchers on foot and ATVs in our search for little Damion. We ask that anyone who can go to Duncan, Oklahoma to search for Damion to please be on stand-by, and more details will be announced when they become available. Please help in the search for Damion if you can.

Original Post: 8 year-old Damion Davidson disappeared after wandering away from his home, and walking too close to a rain-flooded creek in Duncan, Oklahoma on June 12th 2016. Damion is Autistic, and non-verbal. Damion was wearing a red t-shirt with a black collar, black rims on the sleeves and the image of a guitar on the shirt. Damion was also wearing black socks, and black boxer brief underwear. His pajama pants were found near the flooded creek. If you locate Damion, please contact the Duncan Police Department at (580) 255-2112. Please keep Damion Davidson’s family, his friends and his community in your thoughts and prayers during this most tragic time in their lives.

Download: Damion Davidson Flyer