FOUND ALIVE: George Breaux, age 74

George Breaux Rescue pic #1On Friday – September 13th 2013, Texas EquuSearch received a call from the worried family of a missing 74 year-old Alzheimer’s patient, George Breaux. George had disappeared about 10:30 a.m. that morning. George’s family searched for several hours for their loved-one, but was unable to locate him. They contacted Texas EquuSearch about 3:20 p.m. that afternoon, and we immediately responded. George’s family said he had additional medical ailments besides Alzheimer’s. Even though George’s family had already searched a nearby lake a couple of times before searchers arrived, our experience and training still kept the lake as our highest area of concern. George Breaux Rescue pic #2Texas EquuSearch Team Leader Jerry Borrer was assigned to search the lake area, and instructed to watch for any indications of the George walking, sliding or falling into the very deep lake. Within 3 minutes of arriving at the lake, Jerry contacted the Search Coordinator and told him that he had found the missing man. George was in the lake, but partially obscured by brush and high weeds on the bottom of a steep inclined banks of the lake. Only George’s head and shoulders were visible from the lake’s upper shore (about 12’ to 15’ above). Part of George’s face was lying in the water. But he was breathing, but un-responsive. The Search Coordinator called 911 and requested an ambulance and rescue personnel to respond to the scene. ATV Team Leader arrived at the scene within seconds and assisted Jerry in tying a rope to George; so that he would not slip deeper into the water and drown. Houston police officers and paramedic / firefighters arrived within just a few minutes. The police officers and paramedics immediately sprang into action, and began rescue operations to remove George from the lake, and get him up the steep embankment of the lake. The police officers and paramedics used the knowledge, skills, and adrenaline to successfully rescue George from the lake’s deep water, and bring him to the safe and stable area about 15 feet above the lake. George was later transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition, and is expected to fully recover. Jerry, Alvin, officers of the Houston Police Department and paramedics with the Houston Fire Department used their training, skills, experience, compassion for a fellow human being, and the dedication to their jobs to divert an inevitable tragic drowning and recovery … and turn it into a successful rescue operation of saving a man’s life. George will now be able to recover, and has been re-united with his thankful family. Texas EquuSearch salutes Jerry, Alvin, the officers of the Houston Police Department and the paramedics of the Houston Fire Department for the great jobs you do, and the lives you save. Houston is fortunate and blessed with having you all.

09-13-13 – Found..George Breaux….Texas EquuSearch teams found Mr. Breaux in a body of water, alive but unconscious.  EMS transported him to a nearby hospital and we have just learned he is recovering well.  Thank you TES TEAM for an outstanding and life saving job!

09-13-13 – We have just placed an urgent callout for an immediate search for a missing 74 yr old man in Houston.  We will need foot searchers and atvs.  Again, an immediate search is needed and we are calling for all foot searchers and atvs.  Your command center is located at 10015 Armatta Court.  This is a residence.  The zip code is 77075.  Please bring water and dress for hot conditions.  Your search coordinator is Frank Black and he can be reached at 713-301-6813