Amber Elkins Receives Justice — James David Clarke Found “Guilty of First Degree Murder”

01/19/13Message from Amber Elkins’ mom:

Thank you to MY TES FAMILY, for all the care and concern you had for Amber and my family..thanks for being by my side to the end …I Love all of you, and she is smiling down on all us.

01/18/13 — PRAISE GOD AMBER GOT JUSTICE! James David Clarke was found guilty of First Degree Murder.  The penalty phase will be this afternoon.  We all know this has been excrutiating for Amber’s family and friends.  We are all so glad the system didn’t let us down.  Once the sentenced is handed down, this post will be updated.  We would again like to thank everyone who searched for Amber and found her so that her killer is held responsible for her murder.  Please keep Amber’s family and friends in your prayers.  Thank you so much.

SENTENCE:  Life with a $10,000.00 fine — doesn’t come up for parole for at least 30 years.

News on this case: