MISSING: Johnny Howard, 42 Yrs., Austin, TX, 09/21/02

Johnny was last seen leaving the corner store by the Walter E. Long Park, at Decker Lake in Austin, TX where he purchased beer and a Dr. Pepper and was reported by the store clerk to be acting strange. He lived in a trailer park less than 5 minutes from there, somewhere between the store and the trailer he vanished. He is bi-polar, paranoid schizophrenic, and had been off his medication for a month at least. He was very close to his family and never went more than a few days without talking to them even when he wasn’t taking his medication. He had a blister on his right foot that covered most of the ball of his foot.  He left all his personal belongings at home, including keys and photos and all clothes.  He did have his wallet and approximately $436.00.

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