31 Years


31 years ago, Laura Miller went missing.
Today we honor the memory of a daughter and the legacy of a father.

Dear Laura,

We love you and honor you. We also want to thank you, thank you for always watching over us while we search for missing loved ones in your honor, in your name. You did not die in vain and many lives have been saved, many families reunited with missing loved ones, many families consoled, comforted, and loved… because of you.

Thank you for watching over, and often guiding, your amazing father as he pours his heart into every missing persons case, cherishing your memory.

Your Daddy loves you so much…and misses you. You are remembered in every moment that goes by every day, you are a part of every hug that is shared, and your tears are in every tear that is cried.
Laura, we honor you, we remember you, we celebrate you.


Dear Tim,

When a family calls, you answer.
When a family cries, you offer comfort.
With courage and compassion, you bring light to their darkness.

We honor you today Tim; for the help you’ve given to so many; for the example you set for all of us.

Some of us know your pain.
Most of us will never know.
All of us are Texas EquuSearch.