WSJ Article: FAA Unswayed by Do-Good Drones

A Texas group that searches for missing people is fighting a Federal Aviation Administration order to stop using drones for its searches, adding a new challenge to the agency’s authority to prohibit drones in the U.S.

The group, Texas EquuSearch, has been using small drones, or unmanned aircraft, since 2006 to map search areas and conduct searches itself. In February, the FAA in an email ordered the group to stop immediately.

Texas EquuSearch last month responded with a letter to the FAA asserting the agency has no legal authority to prohibit drone use and threatening to take legal action if the agency didn’t rescind its order in 30 days.

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Watch the Drones in action:

Civilian Drones – Search and Rescue from Maha Calderon on Vimeo.

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