Today Texas EquuSearch Mourns with our Brother

When Texas EquuSearch was first organized in the year 2000, a man named Darryl Phillips quickly joined our search family, because he knew exactly what kind of emotional torture that a missing person’s family experiences. That’s because Darryl’s own sister, Angela had been missing from their southeast Houston neighborhood since 1986. Angela was found not long after her disappearance, and she had been savagely murdered. But an investigative foul-up didn’t identify Angela until more than 23 years later. The whole ordeal was very traumatic for Darryl. Then a cousin very close to Darryl was murdered when he tried to stop some thieves from stealing the fancy rims off of his car.

On Saturday morning; tragedy again struck Darryl and his family, when his 54 year-old brother, Gregory was found brutally executed. The killers are still at large at this particular point. But we are confident that the skilled and diligent homicide investigators of the Houston Police Department will catch the person(s) responsible, and justice will be served. We ask that everyone please keep Darryl Phillips, and his family members in your thought and prayers. We also ask that you pray that the violence in America stops, so that more lives aren’t needlessly taken away from their loving families.