Tim Miller is on a Special Mission to Help a Family

12/19/12 — On the afternoon of December 18th 2012, Texas EquuSearch received a call for help unlike any other request for help that we had received before. 82 year-old Korean War veteran Robert Rudasill contacted Texas EquuSearch and asked if we use Ground Penetrating Radar in our searches for missing people. He was told that we do, and asked why he wanted to know. Robert told Tim Miller that he had two children that had died many years ago and there was never a headstone placed on their graves. Robert said that the cemetery where the children are buried was sold to a new owner, and that the new owner has apparently sold three burial plots where his children were laid in eternal peace. Roxanne Lynn Rudasill was born in 1958, and died on the day she was born. Odis Wayne Rudasill was born in 1960, also died on the same day he was born. Both of Robert’s children were buried in the Lytle Community Cemetery in Lytle, Texas near San Antonio. When the two young babies died, Robert and his wife, Betty Anne Essary Rudasill did not have much money, and did what they could to give the children a decent burial. Robert said that he did the best they could on what little money they had, but their financial situation just didn’t allow them to buy headstones for the children. Betty Anne Rudasill died over two years ago. But one of Betty’s last requests before she died was that Robert place headstones on their deceased children’s graves. Robert and Betty have two daughters that live in Texas. Betty also made one of her daughters, Gale is aware of this request. Gale discovered during recent research on the baby’s deaths that the new owners of the cemetery had sold three burial plots where the young children, Roxanne and Odis are already buried. This news has deeply shocked and saddened Robert’s family. When Robert learned of this news, he recalled his military service in Korea. He said during his military service he witnessed the military using an early form of Ground Penetrating Radar to locate the bodies of lost American soldiers that were buried under mounds of dirt following during rocket attacks. Robert said soldiers were buried in trenches and other areas after enemy rockets would cause the trenches to cave-in on the soldiers. So after thinking back about the use of GPR in Korea, Robert decided to contact Texas EquuSearch and see if we use it in our searches for missing persons. Robert said he needs to find children’s unmarked graves so they can be marked and left undisturbed. Robert’s plea for help touched the heart of Tim Miller. Tim said that he just had to do something to help Robert and his other family. So Tim Miller and Misty Garey packed their bags on Tuesday night – December 18th 2012, and begin their travel to Lytle, Texas. Tim said this is the time of year for giving, and he doesn’t know what he can do any better than to find Robert’s children, so that Robert and his family can mark Roxanne and Odis’ graves with new headstones. It is the goal of Texas EquuSearch to make every effort to have headstones placed on these babies’ graves before Christmas.