TES New Member Orientation and Training, Saturday, January 15, 2011

The following is the schedule and location for the January 15, 2011 Orientation/Training class.


Our Guest Speaker for this Orientation and Training class will be our very own fellow TES member, Dr. Alvin Richard. The “Doc” will speak on “Bone Identification” and with his knowledge passed onto each of us, it will help to prevent delays and loss of man-hours in searches of remains when animal bones are found in the field and our searchers have to “stand down” and wait for someone to properly identify the findings. 

This will be a VERY interesting and informative class and will be the second speaker in as many classes to address our training needs. Our quest to obtain specialized speakers for all future classes will only improve our skills and professional approach in furthering our goal of assisting both law enforcement and families in searches for lost loved ones and/or victims of foul play. 

With the Bass Pro Shop no longer available, our class room training site will now be the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Dept. located at 711 Pasadena Blvd, East, Deer Park, Texas (see link to map below). Class starts at 9:00 a.m. SHARP on Saturday, January 15th. We HOPE to complete our field activity by 4:30 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE…… Parking is available BEHIND the fire station, ON THE GRASS AREA ONLY , and in front of the class room building which sits at the BACK of the three building complex.

VERY IMPORTANT….Parking will be allowed ONLY on this grassy area and NOT anywhere on or off the shoulder of the shell road that circles the complex. This road is used for the Fire Departments emergency vehicles and we CANNOT block their travel.


This new classroom location and associated search area now gives us the opportunity to include ATV’s and horses, as well as our foot searchers. In the past the park we were using would not permit us to practice with ATV’s and/or horses.  Please bring your ATV’s or horse as there will be practice areas set up for all three modes of searching.  Jack Boggess has worked hard and has done a good job on setting up search problems that are as close to reality as possible. 


Please bring a sack lunch as we will not have time for everyone to scatter for lunch and get to the search area in a timely manner. Therefore, we all will have to “eat on the run” in order to complete the days activities before it gets too late.


We will depart the classroom when dismissed, and drive 2.9 miles to the “First Baptist Church of Pasadena” located at 7500 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas where the Command Center will be set up on the North Corner of their parking lot.  The best route to this location is to turn RIGHT when leaving the Fire Station and drive to Center Street. Turn LEFT on Center Street and go to Fairmont Parkway. At the Center Street and Fairmont Parkway traffic light, you can look to your LEFT and see the church on the opposite side of Fairmont Parkway. Again, it’s only 2.9 miles from the Fire Station.

The Search Coordinator will be Jack Boggess and the Operations Officer will be Frank Black. They will direct everyone where to park and where their respective staging areas are located.  After the Team Leaders have been selected and briefed, each team of foot searchers, ATV searchers and horse mounted searchers will be sent to the search area(s). This search area is approximately one (1) mile from the Command Center. It will be necessary for horses and ATV’s to be taken on trailers to the search area due to highway traffic.

There should be sufficient parking for all vehicles and trailers at the search area, however, foot searchers may want to “car pool” in order to cut down on the number of vehicles coming into the area.  Jack Boggess and Frank Black can direct you on this at the time.


At the pleasure of the Search Coordinator, debriefing will be done at the search area OR we may return to the Command Center prior to dismissal for the day.


We look forward to seeing each of you there and remember…….. even if you are a TES member but don’t attend the Orientation/Training classes, then you are no better informed nor trained than a “citizen searcher” who may volunteer at the scene of any search.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken DeFoor, TES Training

You must register to attend the training — please contact Sherry McKinney at sherry.mckinney@texasequusearch.org to get registered.  Thank you so much.

For a map to Fire Station #2, click here.