Searcher of the Month, August 2009: Carolyn Keane

Our newest “Searcher of the Month” is Carolyn Keane. Carolyn was born in Oklahoma, but raised in Texas … though she did live in Europe for a period of time. Carolyn works as a salesperson for a Houston area instrumentation company. She is the devoted mother of two sons and two daughters. She also recently became a grandmother. One of her sons is in the U.S. military and preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan. Carolyn is firmly back on the road to recovery after loosing her home and possessions during “Hurricane Ike”. Carolyn is an aggressive searcher and always tries her best to attend as many search-related training classes as possible. Carolyn is an established and experienced search team leader and does not leave any area un-turned when looking for a missing person. Carolyn is friendly, professional and she is respected by other team members. Carolyn, we salute you as “Searcher of the Month”.