Presentation from Chief Rex Evans, formerly Captain with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department for Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch

03/11/13 — LIBERTY COUNTY, TEXAS: The monthly meeting of the City of Cleveland Chamber of Commerce was held on Thursday, March 7th at the Community Center  with Cleveland ISD Chief Rex Evans (formerly Captain with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept.) as the guest speaker. Chief Evans spoke to the many members in the packed ballroom on the subject of recent school shootings as it relates to other such devastating attacks on our school children dating as far back as the 1700’s when a disgruntled school board member used dynamite to take the lives of forty-five (45) school children because the school board member had lost his re-election bid.

In addition to the Chief’s very informative history of such terrible school events throughout the past many years, Chief Evans used this occasion to highlight Texas EquuSearch, and specifically Director and Founder Tim Miller for his tremendous assistance along with all the members of Texas EquuSearch who have spent many volunteer hours over the past nineteen months in eleven (11) searches in Liberty County where Chief Evans had been the on scene Incident Commander while with the Sheriff’s Department.

Due to the fact that Mr. Miller was out of town, Ken DeFoor, Captain with the Sheriff’s Department and fellow member of Texas EquuSearch accepted the award on behalf of Tim and the entire membership of Texas EquuSearch.

Chief Rex Evans to TES

Chief Evans stressed the availability of high tech search equipment that Tim is able to bring to the scene of searches, the manpower that Texas EquuSearch can pull together, and above all, the team work and cooperation that is demonstrated between Texas EquuSearch and law enforcement each time the services of Texas EquuSearch is requested. In particular, the Chief pointed out the successful recovery of little two year-old Devin Davis’s remains found in a lake by a drone airplane furnished by Texas EquuSearch in Liberty County about eight months ago. Again, the Chief extended his personal appreciation to Tim Miller and his search team acknowledging the fact that without the assistance of Mr. Miller’s organization, little Devin may have never been located.

Sheriff Bobby Rader and his Command Staff were in attendance at this luncheon and has already made a commitment to utilize the services of Tim Miller and his Texas EquuSearch team members in any and all future searches within the Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction.

Tim Miller sent his regreats that he was unable to attend this function and receive this honor in person, but as so often happens, Tim was out of town dealing with yet another search event which effects so many family members who has a loved one that is missing and/or a victim of foul play. Tim did, however, ask that his deep appreciation be extended to Chief Evans for this honor that has been given to him as well as all members of Texas EquuSearch.