Mike Hennig and Gene Robinson — Experts on Unmanned Aerial Systems


Mike Hennig

Michael Hennig has been actively involved in small-unmanned aerial systems for over five years. Hennig has worked in conjunction with RPF light Systems as part of the San Diego State University Visualization Center introducing small unmanned systems to local public safety, civilian-based exercises and multiple community efforts. Hennig has also provided search and recovery support as the West Coast Director of RP Search Services.

His activities in unmanned systems include UAS lead for a National Geographic Mongolian archaeological expedition, UAS demonstrations in multiple San Diego based wildfire exercises, participation in NORTHCOM led multi-national humanitarian exercises demonstrating use of civilian unmanned systems in disaster responses, wildfire recovery and reforestation efforts, wildlife impact assessments, urban impact assessments, disaster impact assessments for Tijuana, Mexico response officials and demonstration of UAS capabilities for Mexican Navy, Ensenada, Mexico.

His current efforts are as Pilot at Controls for a NIST Wildfire Research Project and President of Unmanned Aero Services, Incorporated providing consulting, operation and field level support for civilian-based UAS systems.



Gene Robinson

Gene Robinson is the owner of both RP Flight Systems, Inc. and RP Search Services.  RP Flight Systems, Inc., which was incorporated specifically to produce economically viable flight platforms to loft various sensors and imaging payloads.  RP Search Services is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization that provides UAS technology to assist in search and rescue/recovery (SAR) operations on a charitable basis. Gene’s formal college education is in aviation science and he is a full scale pilot.  Utilizing his professional background as a computer programmer/analyst, the marriage of software, data analysis, image analysis and the use of computers for enhancing images was realized early on.

Since 2005, Gene has utilized small UAS to assist Texas EquuSearch in searches from California, to New York. visiting 29 states in the union.  He also conducted UAS operations in Jamaica, Mexico, and Africa and has assisted SAR teams in recovering victims lost for lengthy periods.  The use of UAS technology has been credited with the recovery of 10 victims, assisted law enforcement in evidenciary searches, and performed forward wild land fire observations.

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