Texas Equusearch Dispels Media Reports Concerning Natalee Holloway Case

Tim Miller

Tim Miller

Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch is working hard to dispel media reports concerning the Natalee Holloway case.  Reports have surfaced today that Texas EquuSearch has collected $1.5 million to continue the search for Natalee, which is entirely untrue.

Also untrue is the report that Tim was traveling to Aruba with Fred Golba.  This has not been the first time that media has printed false reports regarding TES cases, to include the Caylee Anthony case.

“This is the worst year financially for Texas EquuSearch since it began.  We are struggling on a daily basis to try to meet the needs of families across the country that are begging for help.  In these tough economic times, this false, irresponsible reporting could have a very negative impact on our ability to raise funds which go to serve families of the missing” said Miller.  “When the public hear that we have raised that large amount of money to dedicate to one search, they are not going to be willing to donate to our cause of finding missing people.  We are at a point of not being able to support the families that really need us, and when something like this happens, it is just devastating”. “We would not even attempt to raise that amount of money for just one case with so many families awaiting our help.

The first quarter of the year is always difficult in financial terms. With the current economic situation that everyone is facing, Texas EquuSearch is finding that people are having a harder time finding ways to donate to us.  So far, in 2009, we have had over 20 cases and have several searches pending better weather conditions.

Anyone wishing to donate to our organization can do so using the PayPal button located on the home page and at https://texasequusearch.org/make-a-donation/ .  We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded solely by donations and your donation is tax deductible, in accordance with IRS laws.