Haleigh Cummings Search Update 02/15/09

On Saturday, volunteer Jan Lawrence from Marion County, FL came to search. She started out on the foot search and worked hard at it for as long as she could. The terrain was too much, not only for Jan, but for many of us. The thick vines and undergrowth were just too much for some searchers, so they returned to the Search Command Center. Rather than give up and go home, each volunteer found another job to do. There is always a job for every person and every skill.

On Sunday, Jan returned. This afternoon, she handed us a piece of paper with some heartfelt words she had written. I think they speak for themselves:

“Young and old, they come to search for a child they don’t even know.  they struggle through dense brush, embedded with thorny vines lying in wait to snare a hiker.  Ohters come on horseback or ATV’s; desperately searching.  Whatever skills and equipment they possess, they come.

The event is well organized and operated for the utmost use of resources and the safety of all personnel.

There’s a job for everyone.  If you are able-bodied, you can search through the rugged terrain.  You can sign in and sign out the volunteers.  You can do paperwork.  You can cook or work the food table.  You can direct traffic.  All it takes is a willing heart, determination and stamina.

Until every lost child and adult are brought home safe, volunteers such as these will do whatever they can to find them.

                  – Jan Lawrence
                    Marion County, Florida

Rest assured, there have been many willing hearts present in Satsuma, Florida this weekend.

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