Guardianship of Abigail English

On the evening of March 22nd 2016, Abigail “Abby” English was walking her dog down her street, and was never seen alive again. Educators and community leaders contacted Texas EquuSearch, and asked for our help to find Abigail. But even before Texas EquuSearch became aware that Abby was missing; the State of California had started legal proceedings to regain custody of young Abigail. On Saturday – April 23rd 2016, and only three hours after beginning the search to find Abigail; the Texas EquuSearch team located human remains near Abby’s home. The Texas EquuSearch team believes the remains are those of Abby, but positive identification must still be made.

Abby had long told her friends that “She only wanted a family, and to be loved”. Abby’s young life has touched the hearts of many people in the Texas EquuSearch family, and many people in the coastal areas of Shoreacres and LaPorte, Texas. It especially touched the heart of Tim Miller. Tim wants to give Abby the family and love she wanted so much. Tim is now seeking legal custody and guardianship of Abigail English, so that he can bury her next to his own daughter, Laura. He also intends to have her own headstone made for her grave. Then Abigail will finally have a family that wants, and loves her. She’ll have the love of the Texas EquuSearch family.