Fourth Anniversary of Owen Castle’s Rescue

OwenCastle2-1302/07/13 — Below is a message to all of the volunteers from Lisa Mills and Cory Castle — Owen’s dad.  Owen went missing on February 2, 2009.  We have stayed close with his progress and his family — we refer to Owen as our “miracle child,” and he is loved by all of us.  We we are pleased to post the following message from Lisa and Cory:

This past Monday was the four-year anniversary of Owen’s rescue.   He was just 2 ½ when he went missing on a cattle ranch in Llano County.  My son received the call in the middle of the night and we drove in silence from Dallas.  I have never felt so helpless in all my life.  All I could do was cry and pray that he was safe and able to survive the freezing temperatures.  When we arrived at the ranch, we were introduced to Tim Miller and local law enforcement.  The sun was rising and the volunteers were being organized to continue the search.  We are so grateful that the DPS helicopter spotted Owen lying on a rock more than a mile from the cabin where he went missing.  Tim Miller was one of the first foot searchers to reach him.  He was transported by helicopter to a local hospital and then to Dell’s Children’s Hospital in Austin where his body temperature was only 74 degrees.  The doctor treating Owen said the he was an absolute miracle.  There was nothing wrong with him other than a few scraps, bruises, dehydration and exhaustion.  There were angels with him that night.

We will never forget the quick response and selfless acts of Tim Miller and the volunteers of TES.  I have never met a more committed group of volunteers who give up their time to come to the aid of complete strangers.   You have become part of our family.

 Owen lives with his father and is a happy and healthy first grader.

 Forever grateful for the angels of TES,

Lisa Mills
Cory Castle