MISSING: TJ, Danny and Randy Hesse, Louisiana, 10/25/02

Beth Hesse checked the boys out of school on Friday, October 25, 2002 after receiving a call from Timothy’s (the boy’s father) attorney informing her that papers were being filed for custody prior to a hearing. Beth had gone to the women’s shelter and obtained a TRO with one truth and several lies. The lies were proven as lies to the judge with the family statements and the judge signed the custody papers. She, nor the boys have been seen since, though it is believed the women’s shelter is helping her on the now rescinded TRO. Beth was diagnosed as a severe bi-polar after she pointed a loaded gun at Timothy and told him she could end their problems. She also tried to hit him with the car with the children in it. She used that diagnoses to get DA’s probation for her actions.

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